Chaba Thai Cuisine Welcomes You

Traditional truly-Thai fare and inspired specials. Strictly fresh Sushi. Innovative top-shelf cocktails, a pleasing array of premium beer and select wine. All served in a warm inviting atmosphere. Visit us at our Scarborough, Maine location today!

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All in good time

Each order is individualy prepared. By hand. From scratch. True, it may take a few extra minutes, but the results make it time well spent.

Fresh Means Fresh

Sushi Grade. If Chaba Sushi were any fresher, you'd need a boat to get here.

Taste It From The Top

With each sip comes greater appreciation of why Chaba generously pours spirits of with the highest shelf esteem.

No Limit To Our Limited-time Specials

Whenever you feel like venturing from our regular menu, you're sure to find a new and exciting special waiting to please.

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It's True!
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Good, you're here

Come on in and have a look around. Check out the specials. Peruse the menus. Download and print them if you like. Get directions. See when we're open. And learn about the cards we accept along with those you can give as gifts. Be sure to browse for the latest deals and catch up on catering.


Yet for all the information you'll find here, what we really hope is you'll gain a bit of insight into our personal approach to dining Thai style. One that makes Chaba Thai Cuisine a favorite among enthusiasts seeking the true flavors of Thailand, the freshest sushi and cocktails that without peer.


See you soon.


Monday — Saturday
11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

(Please note; the kitchen stops serving a half hour before closing)

True Thai

Using only the freshest and genuine ingredients, Chaba’s Thai artisans strike a unique balance of distinct tastes. Spicy, piquant, sweet, bitter, and citrus all in delicate harmony. True Thai CertifiedEach creation reflects the inspiration and the imagination of those who prepare and serve each meal.



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