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An experience in Thai dining.

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All in good time

Each order is individualy prepared. By hand. From scratch. True, it may take a few extra minutes, but the results make it time well spent.

Fresh Means Fresh

Sushi Grade. If Chaba Sushi were any fresher, you'd need a boat to get here.

Taste It From The Top

With each sip comes greater appreciation of why Chaba generously pours spirits of with the highest shelf esteem.

No Limit To Our Limited-time Specials

Whenever you feel like venturing from our regular menu, you're sure to find a new and exciting special waiting to please.

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The Chaba Difference

It begins with meticulously prepared Thai food,
but with soul.


The Founding of Chaba Thai Cuisine

Chaba Thai Cuisine is owned and operated by Lawan Seelawongsayree and Gregory Crozier. Located in Scarborough, Maine, the restaurant opened its doors in April 2004 much to the delight of discerning diners throughout Maine and northern New England. For many, this was and continues to be to a unique dining experience; true Thai food, prepared and served by Thai people in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Inspiration Without Borders

Lawan grew up in Chiang Mai. Located in the northern part of Thailand, it is the kingdom's second largest city. She holds a BA in international language. Before coming to the US in 1999, Lawan’s interests and talents with Thai cuisine were set in motion and shaped by members of her family, two of whom operate successful, highly regardedLawan Tradtional  restaurants in Chiang Mai. Upon her arrival in the U.S., she continued to expand and refine her skills in Boston. While there she had the good fortune to work alongside and be mentored by some of that city’s most outstanding Thai chefs and restaurateurs.

Creating Distinction

Chaba’s menu is influenced largely by the recipes gathered during her studies with these esteemed individuals as well as traditional family recipes handed down and coveted for generations. All by itself, this treasure trove of recipes and cooking techniques is ample enough to reward patrons of Chaba Thai Cuisine with an outstanding dining experience. Yet, there is another quality that makes it all unique.

A Lesson in Applied Energy

Lawan and her staff believe that life ought to be sanuk, or fun and pleasurable; make the most of every moment and find the positive in whatever one does. Preparing and sharing food is no exception. Indeed, it is this energy, that lends both depth and soul to the dining experience. One that is both truly satisfying and most memorable. And it can only be evident when shared by Thai people who prepare your meals and attend to your well-being. In this regard, Chaba is one of a kind.

The name Chaba is Thai for Hibiscus. It's a name to which Buddhist Monks ascribe good fortune and success. This flower is also a personal favorite of Lawan's.

“I am so glad we found you. We had no idea we’d find true Thai in Maine.”



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