Chaba Appetizers/Tapas

Alway best when shared between friends.

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All in good time

Each order is individualy prepared. By hand. From scratch. True, it may take a few extra minutes, but the results make it time well spent.

Fresh Means Fresh

Sushi Grade. If Chaba Sushi were any fresher, you'd need a boat to get here.

Taste It From The Top

With each sip comes greater appreciation of why Chaba generously pours spirits of with the highest shelf esteem.

No Limit To Our Limited-time Specials

Whenever you feel like venturing from our regular menu, you're sure to find a new and exciting special waiting to please.

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Tapatizers? AppeTapas? 

A lip-smaking assortment of traditional Thai "finger foods". Enjoy either as Appetizer starters. Or combned as Tapas for complete meal on its own.


A1 Fresh Rolls (2)
Rice noodle, lettuce, celery and carrot wrapped in fresh rice paper. Special homemade dipping sauce.
A2 Spring Rolls Veg (4)
Crispy outer wrap filled with cabbage, carrots, celery and clear noodles. Special homemade sweet and sour dipping sauce.
A3 Crispy Fried Tofu (6)
Fresh firm tofu fried to golden perfection. With our own sweet and sour dipping sauce.
A4 Crab Rangoon (6)
Blend of crab meat and cream cheese tucked inside crispy fried wonton.
A5 Chicken Satay (4)
Chicken breast filets marinated in coconut milk and curry. Grilled. Served with peanut sauce.
A6 Thai Chicken Wings (6)
Steeped in marinade of Thai herb and spice, deep fried to peak flavor and texture. Regular or hot and spicy.
A7 Pork Dumpling (6)
Marinated pork ground and wrapped in wonton. Steamed or Pan fried. Served with homemade soy dipping sauce.
A8 Moo Yang
Chaba's special marinated pork grilled and served on bed of fresh lettuce.
A9 Edamame
Plump Soy Bean pods steamed and sprinkled with sea salt. A traditional favorite.
A10 Pla-Muk Thod
Battered calamari, deep fried. Served with special Thai sweet sauce.
A11 Shrimp in a Blanket (5)
Jumbo shrimp marinated in soy sauce, wrapped in egg-roll skin and deep fried. Served with Chaba's sweet and sour sauce.
A12 Vegetable Tempura
Broccoli, sweet potato,string beans, carrot and onion rings dredged in special batter than deep fried to lightly crisped delight. Served with house sweet peanut dipping sauce.
A13 Curry Puff (10)
Small triangles of  wonton wrappers filled with ground chicken, diced potato and onion seasoned with mild curry powder, fried until crispy golden brown. Served with Thai sweet and spicy dipping sauce.
A14 Vegetable Dumpling (3)
Lightly seasoned chopped endive tucked inside a sumptuous soft dough, pan seared. Served with spiced soy dipping sauce.
A15 Thai Curry Pie (3)
Pillowy pastry shells stuffed with ground chicken, diced potato and onion seasoned with mild curry powder, fried until golden brown. Served with tangy cucumber and bell pepper dipping sauce.




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