Thai Curry and Vegetable Dishes

Tratitional Thai cooking at its finest

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All in good time

Each order is individualy prepared. By hand. From scratch. True, it may take a few extra minutes, but the results make it time well spent.

Fresh Means Fresh

Sushi Grade. If Chaba Sushi were any fresher, you'd need a boat to get here.

Taste It From The Top

With each sip comes greater appreciation of why Chaba generously pours spirits of with the highest shelf esteem.

No Limit To Our Limited-time Specials

Whenever you feel like venturing from our regular menu, you're sure to find a new and exciting special waiting to please.

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A delicious journey of tastes and textures.

A new and subtle flavor emerges with every bite

C1 Red Curry*/ Green Curry*
Coconut milk flavored with red or green chili paste, bamboo shoot, green pea, red and green peppers, garnished with fresh basil leaves.
C2 Massaman Curry*
Potato cubes, onion and peanuts in coconut milk infused with tangy red chili paste, coriander and cumin.
C3 Pineapple Curry*
A bright lively mélange of pineapple, tomato, potato and carrot in coconut milk with yellow curry.
C4 Wild Wild Wild*
Red chili paste, bamboo shoot, green bean, red and green pepper, garnished with fresh basil and lime leave.
C5 Mango Curry*
Chunks of juicy mango and assorted vegetables transform yellow curry into a new experience in flavor.

V1 Eggplant*
Chinese eggplant stirfried in a robust brown sauce with fresh basil leaf and Thai Chili
V2 Special Tofu Kra Pow*
Similar to our Chineses eggplant dish except using fresh firm steamed tofu instead.
V3 Mixed Vegetable
Fresh mushroom, carrot, broccoli, onion, baby corn in sauteed in robust brown sauce.
V4 Kra Na Broccoli
The distinctive flavor and texture of chinese broccoli balanced by stir fry in robust brown sauce.
V5 Broccoli in Brown Sauce
Fresh broccoli florets quickly stirfried in lively brown sauce for the perfect balance of flavor and crunchy texture.




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